Jun 12 2013

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UNAVERZ Layout Party

Hello everyone.

We have turned a major corner on our project and we can not officially state that demolition of the original truck is complete. We have moved on to the actual building of UNAVERZ!

The next 10 days are critical as we will buy the steel for the body and weld it into place. Please shoot me a note if you have any interest in learning how to MIG weld (free lessons!) or in helping us to weld. We have about 100 hours of welding and prep work to complete.

Once we finish the bones we will hold our first big event: The UNAVERZ Layout Party. I am sending out this note well in advance so you can put it on your calendars =)

UNAVERZ Layout Party
108 S 4th Street (at Ohio)
Richmond, CA 94804
Saturday June 22, 2013
10am – 5pm

At the layout party we will have all of our current plans laid out for everyone to see and comment on. We will actually mark on the newly constructed floor, where we plan to place everything. We will have built small models of stuff so folks can pick items up and play with them. (Hey! Maybe you are interested in building small models before the party…)

Burning Man is a particularly special event because in order to get the most out of it… you really have to participate. This is not a spectators event where you get entertained. You ARE the entertainment. The Layout Party is your chance to get in the Burning Man groove by helping to create an actual Mutant Vehicle. Before the Layout Party, everything is theoretical. After the event… we will build what you [if you show up :)] have designed. No previous knowledge of structural engineering required. We are simply asking for your energy and your input.

This is a kid friendly event that will probably devolve into a BBQ/Cook-out and, if we can get a few musicians/DJ’s to attend, a full on party. Show up anytime you like. Come in work clothes. Bring friends! Our Builders of the UNAVERZ staff will be on hand to freely teach you wood framing, mural painting, MIG welding, metal bending and a whole host of other skills if you ask. If nothing else, please send us your good intentions as we need all the help we can get.

We are having a ton-o-fun. This is your invite to join the party.

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