Jan 24 2013

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Burning Man 2012 Videos – Part 1

Here are a few videos that have inspired me from last year.

For the Love of Art Cars
This video shows how diverse the cars can be.

Camp Charlie (Skip to 2:30)
Their vehicle impressed the hell out of me this year. Their fold out dance floor is perfect and they were super nice people.

Movement of Jah People
At Burning Man I fell in love with the art immediately and could not keep my eyes off the mutant vehicles. That being said, my favorite things to experience and participate with were the sound cars. I came across Ian and his crew around 10am and did not leave their side until they dropped me off at my camp around 6pm.

Ian told me he came to Burning Man for the first time the year before and was blown away by the mutant vehicles. He went home and gathered a group of people, none of whom had been, and built this vehicle. Upon leaving them I told Ian I would meet him next year with the sound car I helped build. Ian and his crew inspired me more than any other single group.

Thank you Ian! I hope to honor your efforts by creating a worthy partner car 🙂

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