Jan 12 2017

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Stormy weather

The rain sure does wash in change!

1) Mike Hatt has a gig that requires the Tubas to be rebuilt and so we need to get them off the truck.

2) Teph has graciously donated 10 thermal solar panels (Heliodyne GOBI 410-001 Solar Hot Water Collector) that need to be picked up.

So… I arrive at Unaverz only to find the entire back blown off by the storm! Eeeck! Fortunately, the rain came in but no equipment walked away =) After patching her back up I headed off to unload the Tubas at my house.

Before we could fit the recycled panels, we had to get rid of the cut-up old aluminum artwork. Adira joined Teph on a drive down to the recycling center. At 10¢/pound they received a fat check of $19. Woot!

After that, Teph and I joined the on-site crew and loaded the new panels which will live in Unaverz until we can find a use for them. Any and all ideas are welcomed.

I am happy to report that Unaverz is running like a champ! It is so much fun to work on/with her again. I love doing this stuff. More please…

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