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Dec 09 2017

Burning Man 2018 – Step 1 Complete – New Unaverz Theme Psychedelic Rainforest!

Good Morning Wonderful Friends,

A group of us gathered a couple of weeks ago to talk about concepts for the truck that was once called Unaverz. We will be changing that name soon, more on that below. The purpose of this message is to give you a sense of what we agreed on, but also …

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Jan 24 2016

360 and 60

Sean teaches a free class on Fusion 360 and the Unaverz Crew steadily makes progress on the Tuba 60s.

American Steel is a busy place.

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Nov 26 2015

Tuba 60 Build

We are starting 4 new Tuba 60’s. This time I plan to document what we do. Here goes.

A special thank you to B.Shyne for really going to town. Excellent work. Much appreciated. =)

First off, where to get the wood? I love PALS (Plywood And Lumber Supply). They are environmental and know their …

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Aug 24 2015

Unaverz Driving Protocols

Unaverz Driving Protocols All Excursions Must Be Approved By One Of The Unaverz CaptainsUlan, Sheri, Erich, Madeline, Wendy Or Vince

2015 Unaverz Driving Protocols (PDF)

Crew Members

Mandatory 3 Crew Members Required When The Truck Is Out Of Camp – one of them must be Unaverz Crew. 1) Driver: must be sober; also helps with …

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Mar 31 2015

We are back at American Steel!

Yeah!!! It took months of conversations and some serious financial backing from friends, but we are back.

Met up with Teph and Adam around 10 to grab the sound system. We then rolled down the street a mile or so to our new home. After much shifting and moving of Craig’s equipment, we finally parked …

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Mar 13 2015

First Tuba is almost done

The common consensus is that these cabinets are far more complicated than we thought they would be. Each one has way more steps than we expected from reading the instructions. Bill said each step is not difficult. I agree with that. The only hard part is figuring out which step is required. I hope that …

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Feb 21 2015

Tuba 60 – Day 2

Well, we didn’t seem to make a lot of progress, but we sure learned a lot. I think we are finally ready to start applying the adhesive. 

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Feb 09 2015

Starting the Tuba 60

Bella, Wendy, Teph, Sheri and I headed over to meet up with Glenn in Novato. Armed with plans, a few sheets of plywood and plenty of moxy, we set to work. Glenn is a great teacher and we all learned a lot.

We left Glenn after 11pm and headed to the Hotsy Totsy to …

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Jan 27 2015

Can we fit ‘slim’ Tuba 60s?

All dimensions have enough clearance (ie: wiggle room)

30″ from the shaft to the edge of the dance floor (depth) 30″ high from the floor to the ground (height) 74″ from gusset to front (width) 46″ from gusset to rear (width) 31″ from rear tire to rear gusset (width)

The new cabinets can stick out …

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Jan 25 2015

Our New Home – Bridges Storage in Richmond

After laying out the comb line fabric, I found out this morning that a single person can unload the entire sound system in less than an hour with nothing more than the lift gate and a few dollies. After securing the art, I headed over to our new home at Bridges Storage in Richmond. Keith …

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