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As a mobile sound system, Unaverz is specifically designed to promote women, people of color, LGBT and other voices that don’t typically get heard. We have a strict “No Oppression” policy. Don’t play or perform music with oppressive language. Not ever.

We welcome everyone. Always. Seriously, always… If you are kind and treat people with respect you are welcome to participate.

Unaverz encourages interactive music creation. DJ are often the nexus of the performance and so we have given our resident DJ’s their own page. We also link to DJs who have played with us and those who inspire.


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Alex Lin

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Charles Vickery

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Nicky Nicky

Nicky Nicky on

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Sounds that inspire



7 Foot Sound System – How can you not appreciate folks hailing from Cape Town and Antwerp?

Rockstar Librarian The original. This is the source, right here!

Keith is our Camp Captain as tries to select great tracks for the monthly Pongo Lounge parties.

Bill Fuller from Love Potion Collective follows some …

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DJs who have played with us

Jon Barnes




Dessert Sturm

Dessert Sturm is dedicated to my amazing friends at U.N.A.V.E.R.Z. and the Pongo Lounge. As a thank you for the unforgettable time with you on the playa and beyond. I carry the spirit and kindness which I could experience there in my heart.

PS: Dessert Sturm means in …

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  1. Sean

    can’t see nothing! i’ll be posting a banner latter on as soon as i got all the djs confirmed!

  2. Hanna


  3. Mr. Pennyworth

    Hey I like the site, but have one quick question?

    I know you do your music thing, but do you guys have a Soundcloud account or anything?

    I just wanted to know where I could hear a few tracks.

  4. Adam

    You guys were nice enough to let me and my pal DJ on your car on the sunday night this year and it absolutely rocked. Here’s a mix of mine in dedication…

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