Jan 19 2015

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UNAVERZ work weekend down in Monterey Jan 17-18 2015

We had a wonderful weekend down in Monterey (in Beautiful Corral de Tierra) working together on the UNAVERZ Art Car Lobate. We had a really dedicated group of people come down from SoCal and the Bay area. They slept in our guest room and in our barn and even in our tiny single small person Yurt!!!

Ulan, Sheri, Teph, Jalua, and Wendy came down from the Bay Area. And Lynne (Teph’s girl) drove up from Southern California. This group of workers was met by Erich, Madeline, our kids David and Della, Boris, Vinny (artistic designer/engineer who works on the ship crew at MBARI with Erich).

We all worked together on the car durning the day painting, finished the speaker extensions, built a battery box, installed comb-line hangers, bolted speaker cabinets together, built a speaker lift system involving a Electric winch, de-rusted, installed working lights, welded brackets for a generator mount, repaired upper hand rails, etc etc. And by night we sat around the fire pit and listened to great music, danced, watch David shoot self made rockets into the sky, dreamed up a Giant Squid hitching a ride on the lobate (CAR) and by day serving as a shade structure and by night being a jungle gym to climb on and in.

We talked about Camp stuff, made a list of what needs to be done before Desert Heart and even managed to fit in assisting Nichole (another Monterey Virgin burner) in setting up her Burner Profile.

It was, all in all, a really fantastic and productive weekend!!

If you were not able to make it this weekend–don’t fret–there will be more work weekends.















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