Jan 23 2015

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New-used front tires for UNAVERZ

Today Erich and I continued the adventure by driving UNAVERZ to Salinas, California where we purchased two new used front tires!!! The old tires will be kept as spares.

We had an adventure as usual. Thankfully we did not lose any pieces of plywood siding as we drove down the highway!! Nothing particularly exciting happened except locals waving at us as we drove through the small town of Monterey. I received several texts saying “We were so happy to see UNAVERZ driving down the road here!!! We felt so cool cuz we know U!”

Work done: Erich welded an extension on the generator to vent the exhaust. Erich also made an ‘H’ spreader bar to assist in lifting the speaker cabinets vertically onto dollies. Madeline washed all the remaining fabric.








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