Feb 14 2014

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Lobata – 02-14-14

Jules has done it again! She has taken the concept of turning UNAVERZ into a Lobata to the next level. Using her multi-media talents, she has created a number of great concept pieces.

Her first work was great and right on point. I asked her to make the body taller and to cover the wheels. I also asked her to make the head/cab more pronounced and mind blowing.



Jules delivered a modified version today that I think is excellent.

Last year’s second floor railing would be modified to form the outer skin of the animal. Dancers on the second floor will be half out of the body. The front and back benches will be entirely under the skin.

I inverted the image to give a colorized concept of how she might look at night.




I can’t wait to start building the new version! This is so exciting =)

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