May 16 2013

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We Need DJs!

Here is an email thread between me and Sean. I really do need to write up what we are trying to do musically with UNAVERZ. This conversation at least helps to frame the idea a bit.


From: Ulan

spark.burningman.com DJ/Musician

I really need to write up the vision for performances on UNAVERZ.


From Sean

Great Page, but I guess we’re not really looking for anymore djs right? I wrote my San Diego friends, and asked if they would like to host a night together with me. Also my best friend from Switzerland is coming to BM this year and he’s a bad ass dj. He also started playing live, so I hope he’s going to bring some of his equipment along with him. You can check his sounds out here: https://soundcloud.com/tarco

Btw. The guy with the hat in the Who Loves The Sun video is NU! 😉


I think we should ALWAYS be looking for more DJ’s. We have 7 full days to fill. I do not mean we have 7 nights – I mean 7 full days! I imagine no matter how hard we try we will have empty spots and DJ’s will have to play extended sets.

Iyad and I are trying to line up an ‘all girl’ night comprised of local women DJ’s. I would love to invite folks who traditionally may not get as much time. For example, we should definitely have a night or two for foreign DJ’s such as you and your friend.

More than anything I want people to walk away from listening to the music of UNAVERZ and know they heard something different that they would not have heard at another camp. I want our music to be innovative – creative – unique. I have found in life that this happens most often when you give the stage to those who don’t normally have it.

I loved your set at Art Murmur and I think you opened the eyes and ears of many. The set you did with Sam for Halloween was inspirational. That set is the foundation for the entire UNAVERZ musical venture. Music can change lives. I want UNAVERZ to be a vehicle for changing the lives of the participants.

More DJ’s = Good™

PS: I would like to line up a party every day from say 11am until 4pm or so. I think lots of DJ’s would enjoy playing this time slot and I figure this is the best opportunity for us to collect live musicians for later in the evening who just happen to be passing by.

I see no reason to bring UNAVERZ back to camp before 8am any night she goes out. If we leave camp at 9 or 10 or even 11… those are a LOT of hours we have to cover. Let’s fill them up 🙂

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  1. Sean

    OK Ulan, I gave it some thoughts and your absolutely right! I’m also going to keep my eyes out for some good djs! 🙂

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