Jul 28 2014

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UNAVERZ To-Do List – 07/28/14

Below is a summary of work that must be performed before we leave on August 20. Please let me know if you can help with any of this.

Comb Lines:
Drill bolts into all side arms
Standardize all screws as #10s
4 screws per side of connecting ends

Clear coat top railings in various spots with hand spray
Clear coat bottom floor railings
(Paint stairway railings with copper/brass metal coating- if we have the time)

Add a few new ones
Check all connections have a bracket and long screw
Trim ends

Add white mesh to top front
Attach back ends of D3 and X3
Check connections – fix and replace holes – try marbles instead of nuts and/or double wrap fabric
Decide how much spare fabric we need to bring to playa

20 ribs are bent, we probably need a few more
Trim bottoms of ribs
Drill 2 holes per rib (and use wood screws)
Attach cross pieces: 4×10″ EMT per side of truck
Buy coral stretch fabric and fabric paints
Attach fabric to ribs and then paint (coral scene/pattern)

Back Entry:
Build EMT frame
Stretch purple fabric
Attach fiber optic danglies

Bottom Floor:
Scrub with soap and vinegar
Paint floor (Jules)
Paint stairs (Daniel)
Paint back wall (Jules?)
Clear coat floor
Stretch purple fabric on ceiling

Paint back wall
Make a cushion for floor, foam, and cover with fabric
Cover dome with black netting, or white mesh fabric
Trim extra EMT below platform

Hide controllers under the dome
Add accent lights to fabric, bottom floor and top floor
Lights around back entry

Finish frame
Make breaker box
Run wire from generator to breaker box
Run wire to top and bottom deck

Stuff Box:
Create shelving in old LED wiring closet for stuff

Make frame for subs
Weld connector for top floor speakers
Build folded horn
Create tie-downs for amps

Top Floor:
Scrub with soap and vinegar
Repaint maybe???
Clear coat
Build wood bench for instrument storage (Jeff?)

Build shower for Pongo Lounge

Playa List:
Make complete list of all tools, hardware and materials we need to bring to BM

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