Aug 24 2015

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Unaverz Driving Protocols

Unaverz Driving Protocols

All Excursions Must Be Approved By One Of The Unaverz Captains
Ulan, Sheri, Erich, Madeline, Wendy Or Vince

2015 Unaverz Driving Protocols (PDF)

Crew Members

Mandatory 3 Crew Members Required When The Truck Is Out Of Camp – one of them must be Unaverz Crew.
1) Driver: must be sober; also helps with all the duties of spotters and manager

2) Spotter(s): walks in front of Unaverz in crowded areas, or poor visibility to make sure Unaverz doesn’t hit anything or anyone; must have a flashlight/vest in the dark. Otherwise is at the back of the truck, making sure everyone is safe. Alerts the driver when people are trying to get on or off, using the switch at the back. Also helps with all the duties of the manager.

3) Manager: responsible for managing the truck; follows and enforces the rules; knows how
the truck works; makes sure the sun umbrellas stay on the top deck; helps with spotting when needed; otherwise roaming the truck.

– If there are fewer than three crew members, Unaverz must stop!! If safe, Unaverz must be driven directly back to camp.
– When parked, at least one crew member should be with Unaverz.


– Everyone is welcome on Unaverz as long as they are nice
– We stop, take off the steps and use the lift gate for all mobility challenged participants who request assistance
– Private events, such as weddings, must post a sign
– Love Dome must be publicly visible at all times – no exceptions! (Do not let anyone block the entrance to the dome)
– No smoking or open flames of any kind
– No bicycles on the truck
– No climbing on the comblines

Mutant Vehicle Sound Policies

– Do not play loud music on city streets after midnight
– Do not play music on city streets in a manner that dominates all other sound as you pass
– Turn down the music as you approach an art piece
– When stopping at an art piece, make sure the artist and/or everyone at the art piece is okay with Unaverz playing music there
– Pick-up/drop-off of DJs is at 8:30 near the Esplanade (never on the Esplanade)
– If the music is playing at 100 dBs or more (our system at 80% max)
  1) You must be off the city streets
  2) The speakers must be facing away from the city (unless in deep playa)
  3) We cannot stay longer than 3 hours in one place, unless you are in the DMZ (dance music zone in deep playa)

BRC Driving Rules

– Abide by all appropriate state and federal laws
– No DUI of drugs or alcohol
– Driver must have their driver’s license with them
– No open containers of alcohol within reach of the driver
– Speed limit is 5 mph (less in tight crowds)
– Give the right of way to pedestrians, bicycles and emergency vehicles
– Follow reasonable and applicable vehicle laws for road safety
– Stop immediately upon being hailed by BRC staff member, BRC Ranger or law enforcement officer
– No driving on pedestrian designated streets:
  Rod’s Road
  Circle around the Man
  2 o’clock
  10 o’clock
  3-9 on the clockface
  6-Temple on the clockface
– No driving during whiteouts (stop in place until it passes)
– No driving on wet or freshly watered roads
– Mutant vehicles with impaired visibility must have walkers with appropriate gear (vests,

Emergency Procedures

– Attempt to locate Emergency personnel/BRC Rangers
– Know the direction and location of center camp
– Know where the 3 fire extinguishers are: behind driver seat; in the first black storage box; and by the DJ table
– Know where the first aid kit is: in the black storage box
– Know the power shut offs
  1) Shut off generator (back of red gen)
  2) Shut down the power to truck (inside the triangular cabinet, turn the red knob to the left until all lights go out)
– If the driver/crew cannot get Unaverz back into the city, please park it at 8:30 near the Esplanade, but on the clockface!

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