Jun 22 2015

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Stepping forward with solar

Erich writes:

Ok, back to solar…. I got TestRig 1.0 up and running using the WindyNation Charge Controller. I really like this controller, it tracks and displays Amps Made, Amps Used, Battery voltage, and more.


I had to use 4 LED lights to get over the 0.1A minimum so the controller could display and log power used!

Then, the Rack.. A 1″ EMT perimiter frame is strong enough… sorta…


The brackets and tubing work well, legs are plenty strong but the 10′ span is a bit much for 130lbs.


I am going to get a pair of slide on “T” fittings so I can add a 3rd 10′ um.. rafter?..

This will provide three, 1″ EMT pipes to support the weights.. Seems like that would be plenty in a dust storm.

Tomorrow I’ll add another old battery or two, and try plugging in a small refrigerator with the inverter to see if two panels really IS enough to run Ulan’s freezer. I’ll set it up and let it run for a week or two. One advantage of living in the country is the ability to set everything up and let it run 24/7. I’m hoping I will be able to run the freezer, all the lights and all the swamp coolers in a week long test prior to the burn.

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