May 11 2014

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Playing with lights

We had a great time at the American Steel Studios Art And Industry open house last night. Once again I was inspired by Amphora and their amazing 10,000+ individually addressable LED lights from Cool Neon. Seeing as how we do not have $20,000+ just for lights (not to mention controllers and power supplies), I purchased a number of 5050 RGB Dream color waterproof LED Strip Lights to play with. (I purchased the mobile power supply and adapter at Al Lasher’s for about $7.) My current favorite program is 104.

After experimenting with at least 10 different LED strips, this type coupled with the lovely 6803 controller is the best combo I have found for our requirements. A single strip without power or controller is $29. The controller has two output channels. A single remote control appears to effect every controller within range.

Experiment #1: How many strips can each channel control?

Experiment #2: How many strips can each controller control?

Experiment #3: Do serial strips work as one long strip or is each strip discreet? Do multiple strips act as a single long ‘chasing’ strip or does the circuit stop/begin at each one.

Experiment #4: Do both channels of a single controller sync? Will both channels output a blue chasing lights at the same time or will one send blue while the other sends red?

Experiment #5: Can you synch multiple controller? Can you get multiple controllers to send blue chasing lights at the same time?

Experiment #6: Can you sync multiple strips from multiple controllers?

If anyone wants to help me figure out the answers to these and more questions, hit me up via email/text/phone. I have all the parts and plan to play with them this week.

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