May 28 2014

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Let’s roll

Today is the day to pick up metal! Yeah.

Iyad met me at American Steel and we hit the road around 9:30.


Our first stop was Aaron Metal Company in Hayward where Bella joined us and we hooked up with our new best friend and owner Jesykah Forkash. She bundled up 500+’ of fabulous aluminum and sold it for a song. She loves Burners. Anyone looking for great prices on metal… Go visit her!!


Before leaving we came across some of the most beautiful metal I have ever seen – pure copper transmission wire. I asked Jesykah if I could buy $150 worth and she said sure but that someone would steel it. At $5/pound I would be walking away with only 30lbs of it which would stretch all of maybe 5′. I’ll pass this time, but wow!, that is some seriously interesting metal. I would like to work with it at some point.


The second stop of the day was to Alco Iron & Metal Company in San Leandro. These guys were super nice, helped us out a lot and actually had everything we needed right there in stock for less than I was expecting to pay. We will be returning here for sure!







UNAVERZ got to go out and chew up some road, lose all the cruft around her edges and return loaded with the majority of metal we will use this year. A super successful day, fo’ sho’!


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