Jun 02 2013

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Kickstarter Links

I spent a few hours on Kickstarter tonight and figured I would share some links I found.


BAAAHS. I met Denise and Sean along with some fashionable new friends at Hard French. Sean was all in a froth about this fabü Kickstarter campaign. I love the video and can’t wait to connect UNAVERZ to this sheep. This year Burning Man is going to rock so damned tough! Woot.

This is a blog of the Death Star. What I find so fascinating about this is they built the entire thing in a month – the last month no less! I enjoyed watching this drive by (although I never got on) and was always impressed by how many people were on the top deck. Congrats to the builders!

The Cosmic Oasis. This just looks fun to me.

The Fertile Desert Part II ~ Burning Man 2013

We are doing a lot with LED lights, the Raspberry Pi and the Adruino… But a bit of home automation would be really cool. Not sure how this would work on UNAVERZ but this automation project video is awe inspiring 🙂

Mobile Sound System. I couldn’t be happier reading this instruction set. If I had a couple of teens or adults interested I would conduct a multi-day build camp this summer making these. This looks like the definition of fun!

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  1. Sean

    love the Off-Grid Party Sound Systems!

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