Jan 27 2015

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Can we fit ‘slim’ Tuba 60s?

All dimensions have enough clearance (ie: wiggle room)

30″ from the shaft to the edge of the dance floor (depth)
30″ high from the floor to the ground (height)
74″ from gusset to front (width)
46″ from gusset to rear (width)
31″ from rear tire to rear gusset (width)

The new cabinets can stick out as far as 18” before they poke past our artwork (lobata). This means we can have a depth of up to 48”.

We are trying to fit ‘slim’ (single driver) Tuba 60s under the truck. The main advantage to them is they have incredible response right where we need it, below 50Hz. The problem is they are 60 inches deep and we only have, at most, 48.

Smash just asked if we could strap them below the shaft. WTF?!? Brilliant!

I just went to the truck and measured from the floor to the bottom of the shaft at 15 inches. This means a 15 inch ‘slim’ (single driver) Tuba 60 should fit just fine. Actually, 4 of them should fit if you want to be accurate.

Sounds to me like I have my build orders. Let’s do this!! 🙂




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