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May 03 2016

Because you are who you are

Because You Are Who You Are K.S. Rhoads

Whenever I’m around you I go home a little bit There’s just something about you Where the pieces all fit

There’s a lightness that surrounds you And it guides me like a star Oh, I am who I am Because you are who you are

Put your …

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May 02 2016

Free BBQ at Mid Harbor with the Shuffle Co-Op and Unaverz

The Shuffle Co-Op and Unaverz teamed up to throw another free BBQ at the Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland. A great time was had by all.

Thank you to Ivan Weksler for sharing his fantastic photos.

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Apr 29 2016

Water pumpy

Boris, Erich and Madeline get down with the auto porn big time. While they are juicing it up ina Monterey stylee, they fixed the lift gate, flushed the radiator, switched out the water pump, thinned the dome foam and implemented a host of other improvements. Wot time is it?!

From Erich:

Boris, Madeline and …

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Apr 26 2016

Boris in Belize

Boris visits Belize and swims with a comb jelly! Wot?!?

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Apr 21 2016

Monterey dance party

Madeline and Erich throw a dance party on Unaverz for the Monterey Crew. This is how we do!

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Apr 14 2016

Power pressure mama

Madeline pressure washes everything sparkly clean! Yowzah!

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Apr 12 2016

Monterey build

Madeline and Erich are going to town. Isn’t she just a beaute?!?

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Apr 05 2016

Meow Wolf

Smash from Smashwolf Productions just sent me a link to Meow Wolf. I love what they are doing and think our Unaverz Crew should be involved in something like this.

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Apr 04 2016

Application Submission Day 2016

DMV Mutant Vehicle application SVM16-04-04-4723 was submitted today at 5:41pm for Unaverz.


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Mar 19 2016

Vacationing in Monterey

Unaverz has received a ton of love and attention from our Monterey crew and is now chillaxin’ in the sun and sea breeze. Life is grand.

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