May 01 2015

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Squeals (not the good kind)

Teph and I work until 2am loading the truck. I pull out of American Steel and the last thing he says is; “Drive safe!” I love driving at night so I’m just cruising along listening to my tunes. As I pass the Tesla plant I think about how far we have come with auto technology. 

And just as that thought gels in my brain, a loud squeal starts to come from the bottom of the truck. I take the next exit and pull up to the stoplight. And Unaverz will go no further tonight. 

Great American Towing is on their way to take her back to Oakland. And so ends our unSCruz festival plans. Sigh.  



Rick: I can tell you it’s not your transmission. It’s a back end issue. I’m going to have to pull both axels. 

Joy. Now he gets to work taking the rear tires off. Unfortunately, they are so hot it is difficult to work on them. 

Well, the rear axel is destroyed. We need a new rear end. Off to FJM Truck Center In San Jose (no way to get it back to Oakland like this) where she will live until I can drive her home.

If nothing else, this has been a great day to learn. I am happy and safe. I’m just sorry we won’t be providing sound for the festival. 





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  1. Boris

    Damn! Looks to be a broken axle shaft…
    The good news is, if it’s just a broken shaft, the ring and pinion should still be alright. The rear end might just need to be rebuilt. Have them look at the ‘two speed shifter thing’ (don’t know the correct term for it) on the rear end as well. Erich told me that it would make grinding noises when shifting.

    I’ll miss you today, I was looking forward to hanging out, if only for a few hours.

    Till next time.

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