May 28 2015

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Space People

Space People
Universal Love

When Michael Hampton strode on stage showering all of us with the sweet sounds of his guitar, my mind snapped and I was forever set upon the road I now travel. This is theater on a grand scale mixed with the best music in the world. All in the name of love and freedom of expression. “Free your mind and your ass will follow.”

The video below is from Houston a year before I saw them, but it is essentially the same one that woke me from my youthful slumber. Maybe one day we will see similar music mixed with the art of Unaverz =)

“Don’t worry about a thing
We’re just funking around for fun…”

Michael Hampton



Glen Goins



Horney Horns
Funk at its absolute best and pure.



George Clinton – Dr. Funkenstein
Ain’t nothing good unless you play with it. So excuse us a minute while we play with it.

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