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All together
VERsed in sound, music, ecstasied up with love
Zeitgeist for the planet

The main specifications for Unaverz are:

1) Maximum dance floor space
2) The highest quality sound system we can build
4) Inclusive and welcoming
5) Multiple avenues for art and participation

Unaverz is the brainchild of a traveller who never wanted to go to Burning Man and after 15 years, finally did. Within a day he was committed to returning the following year with a shared gift. This gift is a two story, 30′ x 8′ mutant vehicle called Unaverz.

2015 – Lobate

We are spending 2015 upgrading everything about our gift. We have a new truck body, improved sound, modular lighting, upgraded electrical… So much work. So much fun. Our crew is creating community and having a blast sharing our gifts along the way. Come on in. The water is fine.















2014 – Lobate

Travelers from around the world ply the Silk Road in search of community, hospitality and adventure. The 2014 UNAVERZ Lobate will help travelers of Caravansary learn some of the mysteries and wonders of the deep. Our lights will demonstrate the amazing refracting properties of comb jellies as well as the incomprehensibly haunting bioluminescent glow of these ctenophores. Our 30 foot comb jelly will welcome performers of all shapes and sizes while bathing our family in sound.



2013 – Ra

The top floor of Unaverz represents the heavens and our celestial nature. The two major elements are rings to symbolize our travel through time and space. The bottom floor is our earthly realm where we live, breath, create and thrive. Ra, the Egyptian Sun God, covers our cab and ties the heavens and the earth together. The entire vehicle is a musical performance space complete with microphones, guitar and bass amps and a powerful sound system. Audio interaction is key as we are asking musicians to stop by and play alongside our world renowned DJ’s to create music that is both immediate and timeless.

We started with this:

We took it down to this:


And gave to the playa a gift of this:

Unaverz is funded by Studio 1034 and is being designed and built at:

American Steel Studios
1960 Mandela Parkway
Oakland, CA 94607


The Unaverz Crew is a collaborative effort involving 50+ people from all walks of life. We offer free classes in all talents required to create this art piece including, but not limited to, painting, framing, LED programming, mural design, video editing, welding, pipe bending, DJing…

Please come by and join us =)

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