May 29 2015

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Sealing the floor

The new truck does not stink. This is a serious upgrade. Funny, now we can focus on other things… like the dust and general unkemptness of the shop. The guy across from us when we were in Bay 3 sealed his floor and painted it a nice color. I think I want to do that.

This requires that the truck not be in the spot for a few days. Guess what, it’s not now. So… I swept the place then blew all the grime out with a swank leaf blower. Then I swept it again. Then I put down some degreaser and washed (swept) it all away. 

I hope it is ready for sealant in the am. What’s the worst that can happen?

Cuz I was not ready for sleep I met Wendy and Mike for a drink and some great dancing to his disco archive. Can’t wait for him to spin at our fundraiser next Friday

Good Times™


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