Monthly Archive: August 2016

Aug 06 2016

Work party – Aug 6

We had a whole bunch of fun working on the truck today and accomplished a lot. Thank you to everyone who helped: B-Shyne, Wendy, Sass, Seva, King Asa, Michael K, Madeline, David L, Peter, Teph, John, Ka’nete, Arseniy, Elina, Charles, Claire, Apollo and Jamonne.

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Aug 05 2016


So much fun!

Michael K, Krystle, Ka’nete, Josh, Decapria, Kenny, Renee, Heather, Jamonne, Sean and I had a great night. This is why we do this. Wow!

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Aug 04 2016

Back at AmSteel – 2016

Looks like the patient survived!

We are back at AmSteel (for a bit anyway). Come join us for our work parties starting at 11am and running late.

Saturday, August 6 Sunday, August 14


Windshield wipers Windsheild wiper reservoir Fuel gauge Temperature gauge Head lights Dash lights Flood lights Running lights Door …

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Aug 03 2016

New radiator

The day began with me picking up an extra Burning Man ticket and a gaggle of shade from Sass. Later, Teph and Andre led as Kenny and I assisted where we could. While they did the, literal, heavy lifting, Kenny and I loaded the new items into the truck.

We all worked late into the …

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