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Unaverz loves to play. Check out the links below to explore our 30 foot comb jelly in the wild.

If you have any media of our travels and feel like sharing, we would love to see it.

Jan put together this wonderful PDF for the folks at SF Decom. I love it!

[Caution: It’s 108mb! Give it some time to download.]



Unaverz is on Facebook.unaverz-on-facebook

Unaverz is on YouTube.IMG_2305.JPG

Burning Man By Drone

We are at 2:22 and again for most of 2:35 – 3:10. The footage is from Sunday after the Temple burn when El Pulpo Mecanico and a bunch of other mutant vehicles gathered around our sound system for our final blow-out party.

UNAVERZ by drone

The Unaverz crew had a wonderful time hanging with our friends at Airpusher. Great party!

Of course we had to have a pre-party at Pongo and a pre-pre-party at Studio 1034 just to get ready. And then, just when everyone thought the night was over, we rolled back into Pongo for a nightcap, stripping and some more spinning.

Tons-o-fun was had by all.

Steampunk Masquerade Promenade: starring Serpent Mother

Unaverz at Burning Man 2014


2014 Burn Pix- Jules

2014 Burn Pix – Sheri

2014 Burn Pix – Jan – Part 1

2014 Burn Pix – Jan – Part 2

2014 Burn Pix – Erich

2014 Burn Pix – Ulan

Unaverz at Burning Man 2013


Unaverz on YouTube and the Huffington Post =)

Post Burn Media

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Crew Pix

Below are some photos of our crew livin’ in the life.



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Unaverz Photos

We have gathered together some choice photos of our gift below. Click on the image to see the full size file.

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