Dec 09 2017

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Burning Man 2018 – Step 1 Complete – New Unaverz Theme Psychedelic Rainforest!

Good Morning Wonderful Friends,

A group of us gathered a couple of weeks ago to talk about concepts for the truck that was once called Unaverz. We will be changing that name soon, more on that below. The purpose of this message is to give you a sense of what we agreed on, but also to give you an idea of where we’d like to see this go artistically. The first thoughts that come to mind are a spiritual ayahuasca journey that takes place in a rain forest. The second, that may give ideas of what to imagine are the visual interpretations of a forest as seen in the film Avatar.

I think we should concentrate on three levels of a rainforest. These are in no order, and I hope each of you is inspired to jump in to help create a piece for one or all of these levels, the forest floor, the life in the trees, and lastly the canopy. I’ve embedded photos below to hopefully inspire you visually and to help you think of what you’d like to add to the project.

Before we go into detail there I want to share the ideas we have heard so far considering a new name. First, was Jumping Jungle because there was some talk of building rope ladders and swings and fun things you might see in a jungle. Second, Braindrops, psychedelic rainforest, get it! Lastly, I recently thought of Tropic Thunder, because yes we will be a beautiful forest, but also our sound will be booming. With that, I welcome all ideas for the new name for the truck!

So the three levels of the forest… First, nothing is fixed since we are representing nature.

Level one, the floor. Here we want to think of what would live there? Praying Mantis, Beatles, Ants, Insects, Mushrooms, Plants, Snakes, dead sticks and more. I think the elements we create here should be fixed on the first floor of the truck and around the skirt of the truck.

Level two, the forest. Again, we will likely see animals here, birds, butterflies, cats, sloths, beautiful plants. These should fill the main floor of the truck.

Level three, the canopy, Birds live in the canopy, eagles, parrots, herons and more, Also monkeys, panthers and jaguars.

My hope is that each of you will choose something that you think fits in our forest and create it and let me know where you want it to be. You could create it by hand or you could find something that fits and decorate it to fit in our forest. Since these are smaller projects I’m hoping each of you will pick on aspect, let us know what it will be, then create it. If you want, we can create times for group work sessions, where we could supply paints and elements for decorating. I know everyone has real-life schedules. So that’s why I suggest choosing your spirit animal, or insect or other favorite thing and bring it to the forest.

Worth noting, if you are free tomorrow, Sunday, December 10, a few of us will be meeting and The Listening Room (TLR) to work on music and speakers at 2pm.

Below are some images that I hope will inspire you…

First my horrible sketch of what this forest will be.. We will have 4 large trees coming from the ground and reaching up to form the canopy, we will have 4 smaller trees on the top deck to fill out the canopy. We will fill in the rest with beautiful psychedelic life. My apologies for my weak sketch, I’m am not a graphic artist by any stretch. Note in this drawing the dj booth is on the top floor, but we’re not married to that.

So much life and so many colors in a forest.

Android Jones is already there to inspire us.

Mosiacs can be created on a solid surface and we can attach it.

Handpainted Ayahuasca Art


Birds and Plants

Snakes and parrots

The Owl

What do you see?

Sacred Geometry

A beautiful hummingbird


There is an entrance to the dome that is circular. Could it be a portal…

Floating elements in the forest from Avatar

An Avatar Forest

While the trees in my drawing are simple. Others have far more unique and beautiful ideas for trees. A willow

Lastly, the jaguar holds a special place in many jungles. I’d love to see one resting on the dome or on the hood.

peace ~


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