May 07 2015

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Not sure but is this a First?????

I’m guessing it’s not the first time the Lobota and UNAVERZ has been published!!!! Hopefully one of many present and future publications of this unaverzally awesome project!!

A little history: I went to a very prestigious collage prep high school in Monterey and graduated in 1993 along with many high rollers and influential people of today. In 1993 I don’t think I knew how powerful and influential some of these people were and would become. Over the years I have put effort into keeping in touch with my classmates and the school knowing that it would and will pay off even if it’s just in little ways. Today the annual Bulletin arrived (Volume 55) and in it was an article about NONE OTHER BUT ……UNAVERZ AND IT’S LOBATA!!!!!!! Thousands of people read this Bulletin and I can truthfully say that all of them are doing big and exciting things out there in our wide world but perhaps not as exciting as our project!!

Yes!!!!! We have been published!!!! I feel so proud to be part of this group with all of you wonderful people. Let’s keep up the good work!!!!

Xo Madeline Daniels




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