May 13 2015

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Port and Starboard

Madeline and Boris met me at FJM to unload Unaverz and haul the sound equipment back up to American Steel. Along the way Boris taught me about Port (ie: left) and Starboard along with the red right returning on the buoy. Certainly helps to know all this stuff when strapping our sound gear to lower it off the truck when our lift gate is toast.

Bought the ’93 Unaverz 2.0 truck today with automatic transmission, air conditioning and 295,000 miles on it. Once we arrived in Oakland, we helped Jorge with the Guatamala internet cafe bus project. We chatted with Kevin who is building metal trees for The Temple, Adam about algae and Francesca about the juice truck she is fabricating in our space. After unloading, we skated over to Karen and Mike and received an update on the Tumble Leaves.

The night ended with dinner from Sol Food Restaurant and another stellar Pongo Lounge party that saw David and Keith spin as public DJs for the first time evah! Poifect 🙂














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  1. Madeline

    Hahahaha on that last pic i was carrying the carpet and quickly checking my email!!!!!! Life goes on!!! Hahahah Jk i was trying to take a picture to capture that moment of hysterical laughter as we walked down the streets of Albany to take the pongo rug to pongo from Ulan’s.

    I have to say that yesturday was one of my favorite days. Quality time with two of my favorite people on the planet!!! (Ulan and Boris).

    Can’t wait for you all to see Unaverz 2.0!!!

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