Mar 24 2014

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And the winner is…

We will be building a 30+ foot long lobate this year as the UNAVERZ gift to the playa!

Thank you to everyone who offered up their creative input as part of the design stew. I feel like reopening the design discussion was fruitful and brought new voices to the fore.

At the end of the day a few factors weighed in to cement the decision to go with our original idea.

1) Changing our application was potentially a bigger deal than at first anticipated. The last thing we want is to jeopardize the entire project.

2) All Four Musketeers are jazzed to create something new. Each of us spent well over 300 hours on the last design. While we loved our creation, we are jonesing to bring a fantastic new animal into being.

3) The lobate will be unique. Everyone will look at it as say; “WTF?!?” We want to build an art project that will blow people’s mind and help them to learn something new about the world we live in.

4) Giving up on a design because it is hard to build is… lame. The UNAVERZ Crew is bad to the bone. We will rock the lobate and make it stupendous – like us. We are complex humans that are difficult to understand and we are all works in progress. Our art must reflect these tensions.

So, no, we don’t know how we are going to build it. But we do know when folks see it on the playa they will be happy we buckled down and got to work.




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