Mar 26 2014

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Priscilla – The Lobate

I take great inspiration from this movie. I love how everyone comes together to achieve the goal of acceptance, love and warmth they all seek. The costumes are incredible. It is so low budget and campy that there is no room for anything but the talent to show through. I dream of a UNAVERZ as powerful and welcoming as this.

Think about how cool it would be if we had fabric flowing behind UNAVERZ similar to this scene. We would change it up substantially (obviously), but at least one of our lobes could ripple in the wind like this.

This scene reminds me of much of what I see on the playa every year. People from different walks of life sharing art they find important and inspirational. Bravo. Good song choice too 😉

The first two minutes of this clip are precious to me. I want friends like this. I seek the love and care like these three share. Bob comes in, a complete stranger, accepting and excited to be part of their group. A long lost connection offers support and a path to change that is unexpected and appreciated by all. And as always, folks choose to be around each other because they have fun and life just seems natural.

I see life this way. We really are fabulous beings. Let our flags fly – be they freaky or tame. Be who you are. Always. Celebrate the life we have and enjoy it to the fullest. Woot!

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