Mar 23 2014

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Radical Inclusion

I just had a great discussion with one my Burning Man mentors, Puff. She recalled just how difficult it can be to live the Burning Man 10 Principles. Even when we are focused on creating a gift for the Playa, our own ‘issues’ often get in the way of our better selves.

She posited that Radical Inclusion may be the most difficult to live – even for those of us who are naturally gregarious. As is per normal, she really got me thinking on this subject.

The design process this year is running into all sorts of issues around this specific principle. It just doesn’t work to design by committee yet we want to include as many voices into our decision making process. Eeegahds!

For anyone interested, Sheri, Sharifa and I are meeting at Room 389 tonight after 9:30 to discuss all things UNAVERZ. Join?

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