Mar 28 2014

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Power has been restored

First weld post playa. Such fun. Glad to be doing this again. Nice to be part of the American Steel Studios crew. Folks welding all over the place. Friday night at 10pm. Feels right. Let’s do this.


I cry out “WELDING” not for any particular reason other than it feels good and I enjoy the habit. Love doing this.

Hit the switch. Sparks fly. Life is good. Then…


Sure enough, less than 10 seconds into it, a molten slag of metal finds the hole in my Crocs. Oh, right. This is why I have steel toed boots right next to me. Time to stop and put them on. Doh!


Get a tiny bead going. This feels good. Wow. Look at the colors. Hear that hum? Yum. Back in business.

Then everything stops. Figures. Tip is clogged. Was surprised it allowed any wire to pass through after all the time.

Hunt. Search. Search. Hunt. What?!? No tips? Seriously?

Found a whole bunch of wire (that’s good!) but only a single tip and can’t see if it is .030 or .035.

Sigh. Setting up shop again. Fun but frustrating.




Seeing as how I am rockin’, why not wire up Evan’s cable so he can get to work as well?




Everything works! Yeah. Now we can get some work done 🙂

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