Mar 29 2014

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Good, bad, then good again

The day started off good. Met Jeff at the new shop (Shhhhh, it’s a secret! đŸ˜‰ ) and played around with some new tools.

We love the power tube bender but the die cost too much.


Jeff demonstrates the small electromagnetic break.

The new band saw is schweeet!

Having had a thrilling time, we figured we would cruise over and bother Buck. We didn’t know he was closed until 5 so we barged into a private party and made ourselves at home in the Speakeasy.





After helping Buck fix a faucet (not really, we just watched) and eating and drinking our fill, I dropped off Jeff and headed over to do a spot of welding.



And by spot, I mean spot. Ratz!


I forgot how easy it is to blow through this thin pipe. Ugh! This is definitely bad.

But not to worry, life gets good again if you work at it.



Well, that is as good as I am going to get it tonight. Practice makes perfect. I see I have lots of practice in front of me đŸ™‚

What’s funny is that life keeps on spinning. And you know what? It keeps getting better. 4am and Sarah is singing for her supper. Buck and I are overjoyed. Life is grand.



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