Aug 12 2014

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Wrapping LEDs

Hi beautiful builders,

We need to get our lights working for our lovely lobata.

There are old and new LED strips that need to be wrapped or re-wrapped.

The ones we wrapped previously were like this:

Layer 1) Cut the bubble wrap into 4” wide strips and wrap the lights so that there are two layers on top of the lights and one layer on the back. We used a glue gun to tack it down. We need to be VERY careful not to damage the lights/connectors with the hot glue!!!

Layer 2) We can’t get more “Frosty” which is our favorite diffusion, so we used two layers of packing foam (it’s very thin) about 1.5 inches wide. (I think it’s cut into 1/4s or 1/8s, I forget which.) Lay this on top of the bubble wrap.

Layer 3) Cut the “Clear” shelf paper 4” wide and wrap the whole thing up. Use the hot gun to shrink wrap it all. ***BUT*** the heat gun may have damaged some of the lights/connectors. Be very careful with the heat gun.

When attaching to the comb lines we used 11” zip ties, plus more clear shelf paper in 3-4” strips.

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