Jun 02 2014

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We are showing UNAVERZ 2014 for the first time this Friday

Yupp, it’s official. UNAVERZ 2014 will be presented for the first time this Friday at Art Murmur/First Fridays for American Steel. I hope you can stop by for the festivities from 6-9pm. Invite friends.

If anyone wants to help get her ready, now would be a good time to come on down and roll up your sleeves. I will be at American Steel in Bay 3 every day. I plan to work every night as well. (I am on kid duty so I will have to leave and come back.)

Sheri and I plan to finish bending all of the ‘lines’ (the tubes the lights go on) tonight. We have cut much of the steel connectors and plates but have hours of MIG and TIG welding to do. We have to grind/clean all metal (steel and aluminum) before welding. And… someone is going to have to figure out what to do with the lights.

And all of this has to happen in the next 4 days. What fun 🙂

Care to join?

PS: If we want people on the truck on Friday, we may have to rebuild the back entrance steps (they may work, they may not). We could easily lift the benches up too but that will require at least 4 people once she is parked in place.


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