Aug 15 2015

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Vince takes a welding class

Bugzy showed up first, followed quickly by Teph, Sean, Craig, Wendy and Vince. We proceeded to have an extremely productive work party until Wendy cut out last at 2am. 

Along the way, Teph fixed the wiring for the front box (while blowing 8 fuzes), Bugzy seriously threw down on the steps and Wendy figured out that Bellas plastic improvements have their limitations. 

Oh, and a former “Bond Girl” did a nude photo-shoot on the Temple Trees. 

Vince took a short welding lesson from Craig before I jumped in and worked with him for over an hour. He really took to welding once I got Sheri’s hood adjusted for him. At the end, we welded together the Litebrite ground rod driver bit. Success!!

After everyone left, I stayed until after 5 working on the gym. I simply LOVE the Swagg Off Road Bender. The only straight lines on Unaverz are for functional support. Making curves on this bender is a dream!


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