Sep 24 2014

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UNAVERZ clean up – Day 1

Sheri and I spent some time organizing the shop, looking for supplies and cleaning up. Sheesh! There is lots to do.

It’s good to be home and rested though. Very, very good.

Next Steps

Take down plywood sides and stack against the side walls.

Clean all surfaces. This will take a few passes.

Put up comb lines.

Temporarily attach fabric to see how much survived. Do we want to wash fabric before Decom? (My gut says no.)

Clean the Love Dome. We probably want to wash this fabric and potentially make new covers for the foam.

Fire up lights and see what survived.

Take off lights that died and fix/return/replace as required.

Grind rust off rails. There is a LOT of rust where we did not spray. It is quite amazing. The spraying worked!

Test the entire electrical system to confirm it is in good and safe working order.

Test the sound system. Rewire the input boxes as required.

Find and organize all tools.



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  1. Madeline

    Hey there. I’ll be there tomorrow. Sunday round 10 and work as long as i can.
    Xoxox Madeline

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