Jul 12 2013

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Top floor

The factory is organized, stair welds are being finished and the top floor is going up!

…and we are in the hunt for a sound system worthy of the georgeous monster of a grand time we are building 🙂

We are specifically looking for three sub woofers and two mid/highs.

Sub #1: 29″ x 37″
Sub #2: 42″ x 37″
Sub #3: 72″ x 37″

We have 30″ of depth before the speakers hang out from under the truck bed.

Mids have a lot more space to play with as they simply hang down from our 8′ first floor ceiling.

Mid #4: 24+” x 20″
Mid #5: 52+” x 20+”



108 S 4th St
Richmond, CA 94804






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