Apr 10 2014

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To-Do List – 04-10-14

Please feel free to add comments below.


-finish grinding
-enlarge the holes-one per end rail
-autoclear finish (Max?)
​-build first floor railings
    -right side: high bar for hands above head level; and low rail? Or waist height?
    ​​-left side: replace straight galvanized rail with wavy steel?

Kick Board

​-top floor to protect lobata if necessary

Tune Up Truck


Build Lobata

​-EMT and connectors
​-chicken wire or mesh?
-attach/unattach lobata to truck
​-fabric (iridescent bluish)
​-material for lobes (tap plastics?) – hinges for movement?
​-rainbow flags (cilia) –fabric –outside lobata


​-chasing LEDs (inside plastic tubing?) outside Lobata
​-additional LEDs curving random lines inside lobata
​-spotlights (top floor, skirt?)


​-wood and chicken wire?
​-fabric or paint?
​-ocean and/or coral theme?

Ceiling (first floor)

​-new fabric (Seani?)

New Back Stairs (to ground)

-create/update stairs to enter UNAVERZ

Back Entry

​-textural/tactile cilia/mouth


​-Brass sheet covers on the tread (or brass metal coating)
​-Brass metal coating on circular railings


​-Brass sheet covers (or brass metal coating)


​-New murals (ocean?)


​-cushions for the floor (foam, with some kind of cover?)
​-new mural

Sound System

​-Test and train folks how to use it
-Assemble music equipment (bass, sax, mics, mic stands, monitors)
-wireless system to communicate with mobile DJ booth
-100′ XLR cables for additional sound system connections
-record all performances
-wirelessly broadcast all performances

DJ Set Up

​-build mobile (portable) DJ table/booth
​-power table/booth
​-create portable canopy with lights?

​-mount and test generators in battery box
​-test batteries and battery charger

Shade Structure (top floor)
​-do we want one?
-if so, design and build shade structure

Infrastructure Improvements

-build storage for musical instruments
-build seating behind front speaker
-run conduit for power cables to first and second floors
-run conduit for live equipment cables from sound cabinet to first and second floors

Workspace Improvements

-Build second floor above container
-Build steps (with railing!) to second floor
-Outfit second floor lounge
-Organize tools inside container

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  1. Jacob D. Haslem

    I’m tracking workspace improvements by continuing the work I’ve done on top of the shipping container! I’m going to try and make the stairs happen asap.

    I’m working with Ricardo to get the truck tuned up and “street legal.” We should be at AS on Friday or Saturday.

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