Aug 21 2014

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The Lobata’s on the road!! & a few last bits before we follow

Wow! Wow! Wow!
Everyone has worked so dedicatedly and devotedly!
I am so grateful to be working with you all.

Tuesday, we finished up everything we possibly could and then took the Lobata apart. (I keep wanting to call the Lobata “her”, but Lobata’s are hermaphrodites, so I need a different pronoun for my animism.)
Today, Weds, the transformation was completed as all the outsides went insides. It is amazing how much can be packed into one truck!


Before those of us who are still here head for the Playa, the work space at American Steel needs to finish getting cleaned up and consolidated.

We’ve been inhabiting 3 “bays” worth of space and now will move down to 1 “bay” before we leave.
Probably the process of moving stuff will take 5 people only just an hour.

If you can participate this weekend, please send a text to Teph: 415-815-7175 to let him know some good times for you.

It’s kind of amazing how empty it looks now…


Love to you all,
See you soon,








We rode with Amphora for a bit 🙂


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