May 03 2015

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Stepping Up at unSCruz

unSCruz is without a doubt my favorite off-playa Burning Man event. It is based on and adheres to the 10 principles with the decomodification and gifting economy separating it from all other events I have been to. The volunteers were amazing – I had particular good interactions with Valarian, Sass and Bushfire. I kept hearing over and over how folks felt that they were back on the playa – except with running toilets and no dust.

Camp Brewhaha provided hot breakfasts to all comers, MisoHorney gifted miso soup (of course) and a steady stream of fantastic beats, while Ali Bar-Bar placed everyone into that zone of perpetual happiness with cozy pillows and drinks galore. This year over 50 theme camps gifted everything from trapeze arts to spankings.

The Unaverz crew came out in force including Wendy, Madeline, Sheri, Mike, Smash, Sara and Ryan (new additions) and myself.

Smashwolf Productions (our sound guys!) took care of all outside sound and one of the main halls. Unaverz was scheduled to provide sound for the main outside stage. When Unaverz came to a screeching halt at 3am on the opening day of the festival, Smashwolf was given 5 hours to create an alternative sound solution for a crowd of over 1,000. Like the troupers they are, they responded with calm grace. The headlining live act, Ancestree called out at the end of their set; “Let’s give a round of applause to the sound crew. We have never sounded better!”

Pictured below are Mike and Smash after the final outside act. They are all packed up and ready for a night of revelry in their snow leopard and fox outfits – complete with collars. Aaarrrrr…

Lucy Hosking and her crew brought out some amazing flame and audio art including the Dragons of Eden and Satan’s Calliope.


I didn’t take a lot of photos because I was having far too much fun. We have already signed up for next year. People stepped up and ‘brought it’! Thank you to everyone who made unSCruz work. This was a perfect weekend.













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