Apr 27 2013

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Performances I Would Like To Invite

Below are examples of the performances I would like to have on UNAVERZ. Some would play during the day on their own. Others would play at night with the DJ on the playa in front of them.

This will be an ongoing list. Not everyone is alive or available. I am simply posting links here to show the types of talent I am looking for.

Fat Freddy’s Drop

These guys are my favorite current band – bar none. I have gone to every single public showing they had in California. I almost flew to new Zealand for their Winery Tour. Watching this video makes me think I should have figured out a way to make it. Fat Freddy is perfect. I would love for them to play all night one time on UNAVERZ.

The Head And The Heart

I like the way they work together and their music. They seem like they would be fun to have at anytime.

Mountain Man

These women are fantastic! They have such great energy and seem like very nice people. I would love to bring them in the mic at 4am to add vocals to a smashing glitch track or to loop them in a downtempo slurry.

Beautiful African Dancers

In addition to teaching Yoga, I would love it if Sheri could teach some African dance classes. I think it would be the hight of performance art if the Pongo Lounge Crew got danced together like this to put the sun to bed in the evening or brought it up at dawn. We could even bring matching costumes for folks to wear. A group dance would make me very, very happy 🙂

Manu Chao

I love me some Manu Chao. Wonder if he is a Burner 😉

Sang Hugh

The opening horns on Rast No Born Yah are amazing as is the opening wail on Mama Don’t Cry. I would love talent like this to join us.


Sang Hugh 2

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