May 11 2013

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Musical Performances On UNAVERZ

Below are a few thoughts shared through email between me and Sean.


From Sean

Hey Ulan! Hows life?

I’ve been following the mutant vehicle project, and I just can’t wait until I see it, play on it, ride on it, spin on it… All of you are doing a great job!

So I got me a nice little apartment together with a friend in and old house, with a garden and an attic. Life is good at the moment, I can work more or less when I want, and still have enough money to enjoy life! 😉 So that’s a little update from me!

I’ve been saving some money together, and I’m thinking of coming to SF a month earlier, still have to check out if I’m able to do that, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’d totally would love to do some finishing touches on the UNAVERZ!

I was also wondering, if I should start booking some people for the line up of the mutant vehicle. I kinda want to get an ok from you before I start, otherwise I’ll just let people down, if it doesn’t work out… Also have you had anymore thoughts about the Sound-System-Set-Up?

Oh yeah and btw. NU (!!!) is coming to the US! Actually right before Burning Man! He starts off at NY and then over Miami to Cali. Check it out here: Something NU

I’m going to try to get a hold of him and check out if he’s anyway coming to BM or if we should just get him a ticket! 😉

Let me know! Say hi and give out some hugs and love to all the Albany/Berkeley/SF folks from me!


From Ulan

As for booking – go for it. I am working on booking 2 nights/days on the vehicle. The rest are free. I loved what you and Sam did down in my studio and would prefer mixtures of live performers and DJ’s but I am not wedded to that.

One thing that will make our vehicle different is that we will (planning to anyway – no idea how to make this work!) have the ability to move the DJ out onto the playa 20 feet to the passenger side of UNAVERZ. This means the entire downstairs can be used by live musicians.

Again, this is just the plan. But what this means is that I would LOVE DJs to work with live folks when we stop and throw a party. When we roll it may just be the DJ.

Also, Sheri will be teaching yoga classes from the bottom floor in the mornings and we may have dance classes during the day. We are trying to build a small hanging structure on top where folks can do aerial work like trapeze, fabric or hoops.

I say this because UNAVERZ is going to be a performance space. So if you know performers who want to play, invite them too.

We have tons of time up there. We should be able to accommodate just about anyone (preferably who is good 😉 who wants to perform.

I figure we will roll out every night around 8 or 10 and not come back until the morning. That’s 10-14 hours of play every day. Please… FILL IT UP!!!! 🙂

PS: We definitely need drivers so if you know folks who can commit to completely sober driving for a night or two, please book them too. We were thinking of waving camp fees in exchange for driving so if someone wants to stay with us and drive… tell them we would like to chat.

Draw us some art homie. Would love to see your visions of how UNAVERZ might look – especially with performers on her.

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