Aug 24 2015

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Jan’s Gyro

Jan Vogal is a core member of the Unaverz Team. After working with us last year, he got seriously bit by the Maker Bug™. He decided he wanted to build his own interactive art project and just needed a find an idea. After watching a YouTube video of a human gyroscope, he settled into his mission.

As is true with so many Burning Man art projects, most people told him he didn’t know enough, it would cost more than he could afford… and he would probably not finish in time with a safe piece. Well… yesterday, he proved all the naysayers wrong!

Congrats Jan. Good job! This is going to be sooooooo much fun on the playa!

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  1. Simon

    Wow way to go Jan! This is super impressive! Where is this based now?

  2. Eric

    Awesome work! Is it available for sale 🙂

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