Mar 23 2014

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On Seani’s recommendation, Sheri, Jules, Michelle and I saw Goldfish last night. They were a bit poppy for us but everyone enjoyed them greatly.


The crowd, on the other hand was simply too terrible to be ignored. All of us complained through the entire night about them. Only Michelle could stand them much past midnight. I felt like one of the serving robots in the first minute of “The Animatrix – Second Renaissance”. Ugh!

“But… for a time it was good.”

We had another design conversation last night. Each of us went around and talked about the design of UNAVERZ last year and our intentions for this year. Sheri, as one of the Four Musketeers, had lots to say about the physical structure of the truck and felt that our execution of the art last year was not up to snuff.

Jules, as our main artist and public art visionary, was concerned about creating a gift that was literal and complete. She felt that giving an art piece that doesn’t let the public have its own interpretation is paternalistic and juvenile.

Michelle, who literally stepped into this entire conversation that day, spoke of how much she loved our story from last year and how welcoming she felt our original design was.

And I was able to finally admit that I threw a tantrum after my disastrous confrontation the night of The Burn and how I simply wanted to cleanse myself of the memories. I have been motivated to change UNAVERZ because I wanted to move on and change allows that for me. Yes, I am still a child 😉

We certainly did not finalize any design decisions, but I feel good about how we moved the conversation forward. I really appreciate Michelle standing up and giving us her insight. Listening to new blood is so very important to me. We tried Goldfish because Seani likes them so much. They were good and the crowd sucked (F$@* SF Hipsters/Dot-Com’ers!) Out of madness may come clarity. From the mouth of babes (Michelle) may come truth.

From the wisdom of the UNAVERZ, may we find solace…

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