Jun 14 2014

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Folder horn design

Last week Love Potion Collective threw a party in Bay 1 at American Steel Studios where they lit up Amphora and welcomed everyone into their home.



Apparently Bill Fuller is a bit of an audiophile and has created this amazing 8’x10′ folded horn. (You can see it in the pix above – it is the ‘bed’ in the lower left. Quite impressive!) It blew me away with the quality of sound. It was an amazingly pleasant experience.

So I fired off an email to Smash asking if we could create one for UNAVERZ. “Of course!” was the answer (we all knew he would say that!)

So now the question is where to build it (them?!?)

Below is a picture of the two existing subs sitting on the ground below where they will be hung.


Each sub is 24″ deep, 22″ high and 48″ wide. Together the two are 92″ wide. That leaves only 24″ to play with before we get too close to the tires. The horn could be a maximum of 24x24x24.

Behind the tires and in front of the lift gate we have 40″. Unfortunately, we added a gusset for upper deck strength and stability. You can see it in the pix below.


This back section has 40x24x24 of suitable space if we drop the horn below the gusset. If we build the gusset into the horn we could create a box that is 36″ tall.

Ahh… but we can let Bill inspire us and build a box (or two!) on the second floor and have it double as a bench. Below are two pictures of the top deck without our existing benches.



Up top we could build a 92″ deep box that could be as wide and as tall as we want.

The only disadvantage I see to this is that the bass will be elevated 12′.


I would love to hear comments and thoughts on this.

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