Jul 26 2014

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UNAVERZ goes out every night during Burning Man. We normally leave after 10pm and don’t return until after sunrise. Once we leave the city we generally drive to a location we like and park for a few hours. However, the driver is in control and can pretty much do as they please.

All drivers must follow the following rules.

1) You must be sober.

This is not a joke. Do not get behind the wheel unless you are sober. Period. Just don’t.

2) Drive 5mph or slower.

On the open playa this is super ready to do – just shift into 3rd and take your foot off the gas. Even fully loaded with people she purrs along at 4 or 5mph.

3) Stop if you can’t see.

Stop for all white-outs. If your can’t see where you are going for any reason, just stop.

4) You never – ever – have the right-of-way.

Never. Just stop. Hang out. Life is good. There is no rush to get anywhere.

An added little tidbit is that if we are playing sound, please be respectful of those around you. I avoid large groups of people. If I do approach, I always turn the sound down before entering and never turn it up unless requested by the organizers of the event.

Everyone should enjoy UNAVERZ. She is a fanatical gift to the playa. Following these few rules will ensure that folks experience our gift in the most positive way possible.

In general, everyone is invited to play on her as long as they are respectful and treat fellow visitors with kindness. However, the driver is the captain of the ship and the captain is the final arbitrator of all things. What the captain says, goes. Period. Full stop.

If you are interested in driving UNAVERZ, please contact our crew.


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