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Aug 27 2015


Kat and Greyson hosted us last night. What a glorious final rest!

We have made a tradition of stopping at the Pertro in Sparks to fill up and jump on the scale.By law, we must be under 26,000lbs. We are at 25,520. Good thing Erich is taking the gas and I wasn’t sitting in the …

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Aug 24 2015

Jan’s Gyro

Jan Vogal is a core member of the Unaverz Team. After working with us last year, he got seriously bit by the Maker Bug™. He decided he wanted to build his own interactive art project and just needed a find an idea. After watching a YouTube video of a human gyroscope, he settled into his …

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Aug 24 2015

Unaverz Driving Protocols

Unaverz Driving Protocols All Excursions Must Be Approved By One Of The Unaverz CaptainsUlan, Sheri, Erich, Madeline, Wendy Or Vince

2015 Unaverz Driving Protocols (PDF)

Crew Members

Mandatory 3 Crew Members Required When The Truck Is Out Of Camp – one of them must be Unaverz Crew. 1) Driver: must be sober; also helps with …

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Apr 19 2015

Steampunk Masquerade Promenade: starring Serpent Mother

The Unaverz crew had a wonderful time hanging with our friends at Airpusher. Great party!

Of course we had to have a pre-party at Pongo and a pre-pre-party at Studio 1034 just to get ready. And then, just when everyone thought the night was over, we rolled back into Pongo for a nightcap, stripping and …

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Mar 08 2015

Fun Fridays

Seems like the more fun I have the fewer pix I take. I am counting that as a Good Thing™.

Art Murmur at American Steel Studios was a blast. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

After the show, we rolled over to The Love Potion Collective for a nice after-party. And because we …

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Mar 03 2015


I’m channelling my inner-Drefuss.

Tried to draw the back, side then top. That didn’t work.

Let’s break out the potatoes and see if we can sculpt it.





Ugh! I sure could use some help here…

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Feb 23 2015

Danni B Live at Burning Man 2013 – Deep in the Playa with Naturklang Zürich

Not sure how I missed posting this last year, but better late than never =)

Danni B

My set recorded live on the U.N.A.V.E.R.Z Art Car, ran by the Naturklang Zurich crew at Burning Man 2013.

Definitely one of the most memorable sets I will ever play.. wow!!

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Jan 11 2015

Libby – Made In Oakland

Hung out with Libby Schaaf at American Steel tonight. Good Times™. I have hope for Oakland’s future. As one friend said; “Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another moment like we had with Obama where we thought he would do so much but so little got done.” It does feel a bit like that. We …

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Sep 18 2014


Jan put together this wonderful PDF for the folks at SF Decom. I love it!

[Caution: It’s 108mb! Give it some time to download.]


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Sep 18 2014

Temple Burn

John Steere took this video of our party after the Temple Burn. Lovely =)

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