Jan 24 2015

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Another Work day in Monterey Jan 24 2015

We had another great and very full work day down in Monterey. Sheri, Ulan, Wendy, Erich and Madeline worked tirelessly today on the following:

1. Separated the speakers so they can be used at the Valentines Day Party in Oakland.

2. Pad-locks were put on the steel tool boxes that are affixed under the car. We are rigging a new, more secure truck for 2015. This is part of that effort.

3. Dead-bolts were installed on the battery box doors. These will keep the doors closed during driving and prevent the batteries from being touched by anything.

4. Painted some areas we missed with the restoleum black paint.

5. Routed new wires for 12 volt power throughout the truck including the winch and comb lines.

6. Discussed the new super suave shade structure on the top floor.

7. Installed a vent in the audio cabinet door. (We still need to install a screen/filter)

8. Partitioned the audio cabinet door.

9. Demoed new plastic channel for LEDs.

9.5. Sheri, Wendy and Madeline took a short break to walk Madeline’s horses down to the lower pasture to graze in the new green grass.


10. Packed up the truck all nice and neat for its trip up North.

The UNAVERZ will be up in the Bay Area for a few months enabling her to participate in several parties. While up there, Ulan will build some folded horns and Sheri will find a new way to attach the LEDs.

Our next work day will be in the Bay area!!!

Come join as often as you can.
















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