Mar 19 2015

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A list: the gist

Krystal Feet


It’s been a long while since I’ve made a list
in brief poetic prose, here’s the full gist:
8 months and some weeks
4 countries & currencies
The most northern tippy-top to the
“End of the World”
13,000 miles by land, air, and sea
600 miles hitchhiking with me
23 kilos: the sheer lightness of being,
If it didn’t have to be carried, it’d be even more freeing 😉
87 miles of ‘walking’ through the park
1 visit back to the United States
3 childhood play dates
Many friend and family updates
1 person with the finger who can still pull & trigger
6 couches-surfed
Mountains, glaciers, ice fields, deserts, beaches, coast- lines, steppes, and fjords
Astronomers & Astrophysics – high quality lyrics
1 witnessed climate changing and a landscape fading
1 cemented personal spirit & faith found
Allowing my cycles to rotate around
1 definite Spanish language home base
7 days in a week, often 2 with a shower
30’ish nights slept outside in the wild
Simply a pleasure: a bed and hot shower, plus ample TP until fresh as a flower
Decreasing odds of failure in order to succeed
Fully rejoicing in what I dare need
Acceptable or not, I’ll continue and proceed
Experiences sought, and done so with rapture
Lessons taught, now let’s learn the next chapter!
Trail wounds listed: blisters, chafing, punctures, stubs, trips, falls, and toenails lifted
2 kilos gained and lost
25gm of sugar per day – committed to eating a healthier way
1 resurrected angry disc, mentally worked out – pain comes from the brain, there’s really no doubt.
1 hair growth project in full swing, love it or not – it’s a metaphorical thing
APPLE PICKED!! – not once but twice, by an opportunistic, poor convict
Attacked by BEES!!!
Attacked by thieves!!
Que mas?! Bacano! Chevere! y Chimba! get with the rhythm & get with the lingo!
13 years of age above
1 black market for cash & money
1 hit & run HORSE – SOOoo not funny!
Not nearly as sparkly as my green eye’s twinkle,
Like it or not – that’s what we call a wrinkle!
Treating life as a terminal condition,
Letting it go and going all in
1 cherry cautiously & joyfully devoured
Perico, mojito, and a pisco sour
1 child self activated to run wild & PLAY
1 ayahuasca ceremony to take me halfway
Habits & patterns: trading one for another
Starting from scratch & scratching from the start
3rd time round – The Presence Process by Michael Brown
What goes up must come down and the other way around
Writing & drawing & writing & drawing
Making and receiving eyes WIDE –
Going home alone & standing in my power 😉
Committed to feeling & embracing it ALL – all of the sweet and all of the sour
The Milky Way galaxy for the very first time – observed & cherished now nearly all the time
Satellites in space
Meteors that rock my face
Snot rockets launched, and
Poopin’ in the woods
2 pairs of gloves
2 layers at all times
Fighting throughout the night to keep my tent upright!
100 km/hour Patagonian winds
2” taller than the average grins
Mentors and mentees
Blessings given & blessings received
Actions questioned & wrongly perceived
Believing in my choice,
relying on gut, intuition & a spirited voice
1 English language learned & taught
36 students willing and abled – 1 proud teacher eagerly enabled!
Experience is my teacher & what I refer to as mistakes.
Compared to the year before
I’ve acquired and built a helluva bit more
Adios & goodbye: separating exactly as common as connecting
Trial and error finally making me clever
3 people who’ve received my best and my worst: I know it’s not fair and I know it quite hurts
Introspecting, reflecting, and memory recall:
the beauty of a lonely place surfacing all
Deeply in solitude
Deep longitude & latitude
Personal projects of great productivity
Being Loved by me to help you feel free
The adventure continues as there’s no substitution
Irreplaceable what you learn from our World’s institution..

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