Mar 07 2014

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04-06-14 – Design Meeting

Three of the four musketeers met at American Steel to design this years build. [d’Artagnan is still off cavorting with women and generally raising hell in South Africa. He is rumored to return to the Bay Area soon.] We reviewed our work space, assessed our capabilities and discussed artistic dreams for UNAVERZ. We have decided on a number of guiding principals for this year. None of these are set in stone, but we will use them until better options become available.

1) Work Space

We are all in agreement that moving to American Steel was an excellent choice. While we were meeting we chatted with a neighbor who is part of a team building a 150 foot ramp that will burn this year on the playa. He gave us suggestions for four other art camps to chat with in addition to the ones we have already met. American Steel will be hosting Art Murmur next month which will potentially bring lots of people to see UNAVERZ.

2) Structure

We are happy with the underlying structure of UNAVERZ. We will not be rebuilding any of the existing framework.

3) Function

UNAVERZ wants to go out and see the world. To help her accomplish this, we plan to have her ready for two different scenarios. In the Bay Area she will be able to travel to festivals every week. For these events, we want two people to be able to have her ready for the party in under two hours. At Burning Man we want to be able to build her in under two days using all four Musketeers.

3a) Lights

This year we will power the lights using a Honda 2000i generator. The one we used last year was perfect and a single generator powered our entire sound system. We will add a second generator in parallel for the lights and to help with the increased sound system. Both will live with the truck batteries which will free up cabinet space for the sound equipment.

3b) Sound

We will use our expanded sound system again this year. We are going to try to make the DJ coffin plug in through a wireless system. This will enable us to move the DJ out onto the playa and free up more space on the first floor for musicians and performance artists. We will mount the bass speakers under the first floor as originally planned.

3c) Seating

We will have no seating upstairs for festivals. The two fantastic seats crafted by Jonathan will be used again for Burning Man.

3d) Exhaust

We need to work on the exhaust immediately. The two generators will vent along side the main truck exhaust.

4) Art

Our main focus this year is on the art of UNAVERZ. We will turn her into a 30+ foot long Lobata. We are extremely excited about this and we spent the bulk of our meeting figuring out how to actually build her.

Jules’ original idea was to have the jelly walls come up to the top of the railings. However, we have decided to end the skin at the bottom of the second floor. This will enable us to create a more prominent curve for the animal while also allowing people to sit on the floor and dangle their feet over the sides.

We want to do something fantastic for the back entrance. We had lots of conversation about how to make people feel like they are entering a creature that is undulating like the ocean.

The cab is another area of particular interest. This will have its own lighting system and will be completely enclosed with additional material. We hope that the dome will, again, be a major participation area.

We skirt will represent the ocean floor with plants growing or we may use it to simulate water with moving waves.

We want to include a shade structure for the second floor but have not settled on how to do that. We can reuse the movie screen beams but do not think we will use the actual movie screen again this year.

We have a special ‘elevated’ art piece that we discussed but will not be shown until we get to Burning Man. We are all super jazzed about it.

This is so fun! Yeah! It has begun for real now =)


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