Oct 26 2016

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Time to move on

So… today I killed the lobata. She lives no more.


The Unaverz Crew has helped Sheri bring Farfalle Gustose out a number of times since Burning Man. The reception has been incredible each time. People simply love the artwork Sheri has created – and it has been fun to assemble and break down the truck each time.

Sheri and I have had long discussions about the Lobata art. The jelly is the second art manifestation of Unaverz. The first was Ra, The Sun God, which lasted a single year. We were never really satisfied with how it looked. While it was a good first effort, the final execution just wasn’t there.

We now have worked with the Lobata for three years and, similar to Ra, we were never able to bring it to a level of artistic expression that made us happy.

Two weeks ago we decided to scrap it and start with new art. After the amazing response to Sheri’s butterflies this past Sunday at the East Bay Mini Maker Faire, we just knew the time had come.

As sad as it is to turn the page, I said my last good-byes and attacked the art with the portoband. A couple of hours later and we now have a hundred pounds of recyclable aluminum.

The Lobata is dead!
Long live Unaverz!

[Now the question is: What will she be next? If you would like to be involved, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!]








I end this post with what may be the final photo of the Lobata on the playa this year. This shot was taken by Toni Martin of The Lost Tea Party while she was up on Mayan Warrior the morning after the Man Burn. In it, you can clearly see Sean Davis (one of the original Four Musketeers who built Unaverz the first year) and Erich Rienecker (one of our 6 captains in 2015).

Fare the well.


And a two last videos from Nicky Nicky.

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  1. Skylar

    I started designs for a giant jellyfish. About a 12′ tall structure with an 8′ wide jellyfish propped on top with a dj booth inside. Please let me know how I can get involved, I’d love to help on a project this year!

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